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Websocket Load Testing

Easily test how your websocket based streaming application performs at scale. Reuse your existing websocket client for your tests making it easy to get started without any code changes.

Either upload a Node.js scenario that uses the “ws” library to simulate a virtual user or upload a Puppeteer, Playwright, or Selenium script that simulates a virtual user in the browser.

Start Testing
Then Simply Configure Up A Load Test:
And Run It To See How Well Your Application Scales.
Use Case Specific Metrics

For streaming applications standard metrics like response time, connect time, etc often do not capture the true performance of your application. Testable makes it easy to add additional business specific metrics.

For example you may want to measure how long it takes from the time a certain message is sent to the server to the time the expected response is received.

Run As A Load Test in Seconds
Use Testable’s leading load testing features to configure and execute various load profiles in seconds. These features include:
  • Simulating up to millions of virtual users
  • Global scale on your infrastructure or ours across 100+ cloud regions or on-premises
  • Leading analytics platform including trend analysis, anomaly detection, aggregated metrics, traces, result analysis, and raw results
  • Easy to bring your tests to Testable by creating the script in the browser, uploading all files, or linking your Git repository.
  • Set success criteria that align with your business to automatically determine success or failure
  • Continuous load testing automation via our API or integrations.
For more details, read more about our load testing and general platform features.
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