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Remote and Fully Hosted Test Execution

Run your Playwright tests directly on Testable Cloud or or on your own infrastructure with a small configuration change that points it at Testable Cloud for remote browser provisioning allowing you to take advantage of the Testable value add features.

Beautiful dashboard
with insights and trends
As soon as you login you can see a quick summary of which tests are passing/failing, active tests, recent tests, and pass rate trends. Drill down into any test case, test result, etc for more details from here.
Infinitely scalable for parallel testing or load testing
Run as many parallel tests as your license allows for. Also take your Playwright test and run it as a load test with each virtual user in the test executing your Playwright test for as long as required. Save the time and effort needed to develop a specific load testing script and produce more accurate results by reusing your functional tests for load testing.
Detailed real-time reporting and analysis
Each test run will produce one or more detailed reports that can be customized to show you exactly what your team wants. The report includes video, live interactive sessions while the test runs, screenshots, Playwright traces, browser performance metrics, browser executed commands, Playwright and browser logs, trend analysis, all network requests, and a variety of tools to help you analyze failures.
Team collaboration features
Create as many shared workspaces (Testable organizations) as you need and grant access to the right people in each one. Within each organization workspace you can customize the view, add markdown formatted notes, tags, reports, etc so that everyone on the team can collaborate on your tests.
Powerful reporting
Testable’s reporting engine will generate various types of reports.
Test report
See how one particular test run performed including a variety of performance metrics, charts, video, screenshots, browser command log, network traces, etc.
Comparison report
Compare any two test runs against each other and/or set one run as the baseline against which all other test runs are automatically compared looking for failures.
Trend report
See trends across many test runs both within a single scenario or across many different ones.
Global test runner provisioning
  • Run your test across 100+ cloud regions on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud or on-premises.
  • Test runners can be automatically spun up at the start of your test and terminated at the end. Alternatively setup long running test runner grids to run multiple tests.
  • Automated infrastructure spun up in our cloud accounts or yours. Simply grant us enough access and we automate the rest. Non-public applications inside your private network can be tested with zero infrastructure setup before the test.
  • For on-prem, spin up our self-host test runners on any Docker or Kubernetes enabled infrastructure. No connection IN from Testable to the test runner container is required.
Get Real-time notifications
When and Where it provides the most value to your team
Setup real-time notifications with hundreds of possible triggers. Get notified via voice call, SMS, WhatsApp, Teams, or Slack.
API, CI, and pipeline automation
Testable API automation
Use our simple API to integrate and automate your Playwright tests in a simple script with just a few lines.
Automation via NPM module
Alternatively use our testable-playwright-test npm module to point existing test runs at Testable Cloud.
CI and Pipeline Automation
Integrate Testable with any CI including as a GitHub Action, into your GitLab pipeline, AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins, and more.
Automated Success Criteria
Define success criteria to automate the determination of test success allowing you to confidently insert Testable into your continuous deployment pipelines.
All the enterprise ready features your team expects
Our enterprise features include Single Sign On (SAML), entitlements, multiple team onboarding, 24/7 customer support, professional services, customer encryption keys for test data, and more.
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