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Automated API testing
with Postman or MochaJS
Build high quality APIs by including testing into your development process using either Postman or MochaJS with Testable acting as your test execution, automation, reporting, and analysis platform.
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Use two of the most popular tools in the market
Bring your Postman collection or MochaJS automation test and upload/link it onto the Testable platform. No conversion layer or special requirements.
Your infrastructure or ours
The VMs that execute your test can be automatically spun up in our cloud networks or your own with support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or self-hosted. Link your cloud accounts so that Testable can automatically spin up the VMs for your tests in your virtual networks. Or use our flexible test runner container to run the tests on your own infrastructure.
Run your API test as a load test
Reuse your API tests as load testing without having to make any changes. Simply create a new test configuration with the desired load profile and let Testable handle spinning up all the virtual users and test runner instances. Scales up to millions of virtual users.
API testing automation
Once you’ve defined success criteria we make it simple to integrate and automate API testing into your continuous integration or continuous delivery pipeline. Use our simple API or visual test scheduler to automate your testing.
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Leading analytics platform
Test reports include a variety of useful features to help you quickly understand your results and pinpoint any issues.
Trend analysis
As you run your tests multiple times Testable will show you trends for every single metric. Instantly get a feel for how this test run compares to past ones.
Anomaly detection
Building on the trend analysis, let Testable detect anomalies and automatically mark the test as a failure.
API Traces
See the full details for every API request including the full URL, all metrics, status, request headers + body, and response headers + body. Works for streaming APIs like websockets, not just HTTP.
Easy to bring your tests to Testable
We strive to make it simple to bring your Postman or MochaJS tests to Testable without requiring any special changes to make it work.
Create in the browser: Create and edit your MochaJS tests visually on the Testable website.
Postman collection URL: If you have a URL for your Postman collection, simply configure it on Testable and we will use the latest copy when your test runs.
Upload: Upload the Mocha test or Postman collection to Testable
Git link: Connect your test with your Git repository that contains all the necessary artifacts to run your test. Every time you run a test on Testable, the latest code will be pulled onto each test runner. This will work even if your Git repository is behind a firewall as long as the test runners are also on the same network.
Elastic IPs
For applications that need to whitelist any client IP addresses, Testable has you covered. Either choose a specific set of elastic IPs or let Testable assign any IP that is available.
Bring your own
For tests that run inside your VPC you can choose to use your own account’s elastic IPs.
Use ours
For tests that run inside Testable’s VPC, we can allocate a set of elastic IPs to your account.
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