Load Testing
Made Simple

Find your breaking point

Specify your website or service's performance requirements (e.g. Median Response Time less than 2 seconds).

Testable then figures out how many concurrent users you can handle within those performance requirements and how that number has changed over time.

Easy to get started

Define a scenario, configure how to run it at scale, and sit back and watch the results flow in. Testable makes it simple to get started while providing the flexibility to define complex scenarios in a variety of ways.

Supports a variety of use cases

Test websites, APIs, databases, WebSockets, game backends, and other streaming services. Create a test for any type of network connected technology.

Run tests in the cloud or on premises

Run your tests across our global shared grid, on your premises, or on isolated on demand AWS instances.

  • Simulate global traffic with a few clicks.
  • Load test services behind your firewall using the on premises solution.
  • Select multiple test runners, both cloud and on premises, for a single test run.
  • For maximum isolation we can spin up an on demand grid of AWS instances for a single test. Feel free to use our AWS account or your own.
  • Run test on demand or on a recurring schedule.

Visualize results in real time

Flexible test result dashboarding technology lets you see what is important.

  • Standard set of metrics captured on all connections: latency, throughput, error rate, etc.
  • Capture additional custom metrics
  • Share dashboards with project stakeholders.
  • Download all results.
  • Customize the result dashboard including charts, summary metrics, and results grid columns.
  • Define which percentiles to calculate.
  • Configure success criteria to automatically determine test success or failure.

Use popular open source tools

Define your scenarios using a variety of open source tools:

Execute your test at scale on our platform and watch results flow in real time.

Integrate with leading 3rd party platforms

Analyze test results on leading platforms like New Relic.

Powerful Node.JS scripting engine for advanced scenarios

Use the world's most popular language, JavaScript, to define your test scenario. The code executes in a sanboxed Node.JS environment.

  • Numerous templates to get you started quickly.
  • Upload a CSV file and have Testable provide your script a different row on each iteration.
  • Many Node.JS and NPM packages available by default (e.g. http, https, net, tls, util, WebSocket, mysql, cassandra-driver, etc).
  • Any NPM package available within minutes on request.

API access

Our clients use the the same API that powers our website.

  • Each test has a unique trigger URL. Use it to start your test from a continuous integration tool or other script.
  • Configure multiple API keys for different use cases.
  • Simple, easy to use, REST API.

Want to learn more about Testable?

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Please contact us to customize a plan specific to your needs.

  • Starter

    • 50 Concurrent Users
    • 2 Monthly Credits
    • No Additional Credits
    • 30 days Results Retention
    • 1GB Storage
  • Pay As You Go

    $7.50 per credit
    • No Monthly Credits
    • $7.50 per Additional Credit
    • 90 days Results Retention
    • 10GB Storage
    • Bronze Email Support
  • Basic

    $99 per month
    • 30 Monthly Credits
    • $7.50 per Additional Credit
    • 90 days Results Retention
    • 25GB Storage
    • Gold Email Support
  • Pro

    $399 per month
    • 120 Monthly Credits
    • $7.50 per Additional Credit
    • Unlimited Retention
    • 100GB Storage
    • Gold Email Support
  • Enterprise

    Contact Us
    • Custom Credits
    • Custom Limits
    • Unlimited Retention
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Platinum Email Support
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