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Ensure your software scales and keep your customers happy
Distributed cloud and on-premises load and stress testing using the open source tools that you know and love.
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Simulate up to millions of virtual users with your favorite open source tools
Design: Use a wide variety of your favorite open source tools to build your tests
Execute: Let Testable scale up the test runners necessary to run your tests, on your infrastructure or ours. Testable will collect and aggregate a wide variety of results in real-time including metrics, traces, assertions, logs, screenshots, videos, and more.
Report: Analyze the test results via our beautiful, customizable test reports. Use our trend analysis and anomaly detection to quickly pinpoint issues when they occur.
Reuse functional automation scripts for load testing
Developing and maintaining accurate load testing scripts can be challenging and requires significant engineering efforts. In the modern era of near infinite cloud scalability you can use Testable’s platform to run a functional automation test across thousands of virtual users. Bring your own Selenium tests across a variety of bindings, a Puppeteer script, or a Playwright script and run them as load tests without any modifications. Functional testing features like live interactive sessions, live video, screenshot, and more are still available when load testing with our intelligent multimedia sampling. You can even distribute the load across multiple browser, OS, device combinations.
Global scale on your infrastructure or ours
Choose to run your tests from over 100 regions across the three leading cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) or on your own infrastructure.
Our Cloud Network: We can automatically spin up a grid of test runners to execute your test from our own cloud infrastructure.
Your Cloud Network: Let Testable automatically spin up the grid of test runner instances inside your cloud virtual networks. Easily test applications that live behind your firewall
Your Infrastructure: Whether in the cloud or in your data center, you can spin up your own test runner grid via our test runner Docker container.
Leading analytics platform
Test reports include a variety of useful features to help you quickly understand your results and pinpoint any issues.
Trend analysis
As you run your tests multiple times Testable will show you trends for every single metric. Instantly get a feel for how this test run compares to past ones.
Anomaly detection
Building on the trend analysis, let Testable detect anomalies and automatically mark the test as a failure
Aggregated metrics on multiple dimensions
See every metric (e.g. response time, bandwidth, custom metrics, etc) aggregated test wide, by test region, by resource/url, and across time.
Traces give you the full details for a sampling of requests including the full URL, all metrics, status, request headers + body, and response headers + body. Our intelligent sampling ensures at least one trace for every URL + response status even for very rare errors. Works for streaming protocols like websockets, not just HTTP.
Result analysis
A variety of analysis views are provided in the test report including slowest results, failures, slowest test iterations, and by virtual user.
Raw results
Download the raw results to do your own offline analysis. Raw results are exported as a CSV with 1 row per network request including all metrics, status, and URL.
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Easy to bring your tests to Testable
We strive to make it simple to bring your tests to Testable without requiring any special changes to make it work.
Create in the browser: Create and edit your tests visually on the Testable website
Upload: Upload all the files needed to run your test, either individually or as a zip file
Git link: Connect your test with your Git repository that contains all the necessary artifacts to run your test. Every time you run a test on Testable, the latest code will be pulled onto each test runner. This will work even if your Git repository is behind a firewall as long as the test runners are also on the same network.
Set success criteria that align with your business
Our rich success criteria options lets you automate the evaluation of load testing results to decide whether a particular test run was a success or failure.

Some examples to showcase the different types of criteria:
Absolute: p95 response time should be less than 100ms
Relative: Success rate should be within 5% of the last few test runs
Active: Response time should not spike during the test run by more than 50%. If it does spike, stop the test.
Continuous load
testing automation
Once you’ve defined success criteria we make it simple to integrate and automate load testing into your continuous integration or continuous delivery pipeline. Use our simple API or visual test scheduler to automate your testing
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Elastic IPs
For applications that need to whitelist any client IP addresses, Testable has you covered. Either choose a specific set of elastic IPs or let Testable assign any IP that is available.
Bring your own
For tests that run inside your VPC you can choose to use your own account’s elastic IPs.
Use ours
For tests that run inside Testable’s VPC, we can allocate a set of elastic IPs to your account.
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