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Seamless, fully-integrated, continuous testing platform
Ensure your websites, apps, and APIs function and perform as intended using your favorite open-source tools
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One platform for functional,
performance, and API testing
A seamless experience across different types of tests. Reuse the same test scripts whether you
are testing a web app across thousands of browser, OS, and device combinations, validating
your APIs functionality, or running huge load tests.
Enterprise ready SaaS platform hosted by Testable in the cloud. Run your tests in the cloud or on-prem using your favorite open-source tools and let us handle the test execution, real-time reporting, analysis, and storage securely in the cloud.
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Securely host our testing platform on your own infrastructure behind your firewall. Modern, scalable, flexible packaging options including our one-click Kubernetes Helm package.
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Use your favorite
open source tools
Use a wide variety of popular open source testing and scripting tools to define your test scenarios. No need to learn a proprietary tool or API. Easy portability.
One-click testing across thousands of browsers, operating systems, and devices
Run your functional test on multiple browser, OS, and device combinations as part of a single test run. View a real-time report that includes live interactive sessions and videos for each virtual user, screenshots, assertions, performance metrics, trend analysis, and more.
Simulate up to millions of virtual users with any of our open source tools
Whether you reuse a functional test or write a specific load testing script, Testable can scale up massive load tests across thousands of test runners in a single click. Functional testing features like interactive sessions for every virtual user, live video, screenshot, and more are still available even when load testing. You can even distribute the load across multiple browser, OS, device combinations.
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Execute your tests
across AWS, Azure, GCP, and on premises
Let Testable seamlessly scale up grids of test runner instances across multiple clouds or on-premises. In the cloud this can be in your virtual network or Testable’s.
Beautiful, customizable, shareable test reports
View and customize test reports for a test run or a test history. See metrics, charts, trends, anomalies, videos, screenshots, traces, assertions, and more. Use the report to deep dive and debug issues. Generate a share link or export your report to PDF/CSV/JSON.
Automated testing that integrates into your environment
Integrate with your CI build pipeline, APM, and collaboration tools. Use our simple API or visual test scheduler to automate your testing. Define success criteria.
All the enterprise ready features your team expects
Our enterprise features include Single Sign On (SAML), entitlements, multiple team onboarding, 24/7 customer support, professional services, customer encryption keys for test data, and more. Testable is also ISO 27001 certified.
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Test regions
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device combinations
Concurrent users
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