Testable Update: Trends, Memory/CPU tracking, and more

April 25, 2016

Plenty of new features, fixes, and enhancements this month including the launch of Trends, agent memory and CPU tracking, and more.


View sparklines and metric history in your test results to get a sense for how metrics like latency and throughput have changed across recent test executions. Drill down by clicking on the sparkline to see the exact history. This feature is available for all metrics including user defined custom ones.

Agent Memory/CPU tracking

See how much memory and CPU was required to execute your test. Both metrics are available on the default dashboard layout as a chart and in the balloon text on the agent location map. See this information across your entire test or per region.

Usability improvements

Numerous changes have been made to the dashboard, test case, and test results pages to make things simpler and clearer.

Streaming smoke testing

When writing a script or uploading a JMeter test plan it is useful to run a quick smoke test to make sure it works. This feature existed previously but did not work well for scripts where one iteration took longer than a minute. This has now been fixed and smoke test results stream into the browser in real time including full trace details.

Capacity increase, performance and reliability improvements

Numerous changes were made to further improve performance and reliability. We also increased our capacity to ensure we can scale to meet our clients load testing demand.

JMeter improvements

JMeter test plans that had long iteration time (> 1 minute) did not work well previously. This has now been remedied, and these tests should run smoothly.

Documentation updates

More documentation updates to improve the depth and coverage have been made during this release cycle.

Please check out all the new features and let us know if you have any thoughts or concerns. Happy testing!