Test scheduling, AWS Sydney, and more!

May 2, 2017

This week we launch test scheduling, making it easy to run your tests on a recurring schedule or at a later date and time. Support for AWS Sydney and several other improvements are also included.

Test Scheduling

Schedule your tests to run on a recurring schedule or at a later date and time. Any scheduled test is clearly visible on the dashboard along with currently running tests when you login.

Configure the schedule when creating or updating any test configuration.

A test’s schedule can be updated or removed at any time. Scheduled tests can always be run on demand using the start button or API like any other test. On the test configuration page you can also skip the next run or cancel the schedule entirely.

Hi AWS Sydney

You can now generate load from the AWS Sydney region with AWS on demand test runners. Use our AWS account or your own.

We are happy to add additional AWS regions in the future. Please feel free to reach out and let us know which region you would like to see supported.

More Test Result Views

In addition to the standard default view of test results we have added several additional views that are available to all accounts. Different test scenario types (e.g. Node.js vs Selenium Webdriver.io vs PhantomJS) now have different default views that give you better insights into test results of that type.

Dashboards also have a new Description field to give your team more context on each view’s purpose and features. Add a description using the menu in the upper right of the test results -> Dashboard -> Edit Name/Description.

VPC and Subnet in Your AWS Account

When configuring your test to run within your own AWS account you can now choose the VPC and Subnet where the test runner instances should run. Previously, Testable would always create the test runners in your account’s default VPC.

Remove Unused On Premises Test Runner Regions

If you run on premises test runners you can now delete any of the regions from the list. This is useful if you no longer use a region to run tests anymore and do not want to see it in the list. If a test runner is ever started again on premises in that region it will reappear in the list automatically.

Try out the new features and let us know if you have any feedback or concerns. Happy testing!