Slack integration and other recent features

September 24, 2018

This month we launched our integration with Slack, encrypted parameters, and more.

Slack Integration

Get notified in your Slack workspace when tests start, tests finish successfully, and/or tests finish with a failure to match the defined success criteria. See our documentation for more details.

The Slack notification can include summary metrics and recent screenshots that were captured as part of the test (for the tools that support screenshot capture).

Encrypted Parameters

Scenario's can be parameterized so that the same one can be reused across multiple test configurations that pass different parameter values. These parameters can now be encrypted for passing sensitive information like credentials and keys.

Parameter values can be encrypted by pressing the Encrypt button on the test configuration page or manually via the command line.

Each test case has a unique 2048 bit public/private RSA key pair where the private key is encrypted using an AWS Customer Master Key that is only accessible to Testable's core secured VPC. Each parameter is then encrypted using a uniquely generated 256-bit AES symmetric key and IV. See our documentation for more details.

Email Notifications Only After Consecutive Failures

Email notifications can now be configured to only send after a particular test fails multiple times in a row. This can be useful when using browser based tools where a single isolated failure does not necessarily indicate an issue. The consecutive failure setting also applies to our Slack integration when deciding whether or not to send a notification.

In addition to the new features various library updates, bug fixes, and performance improvements were applied as usual.

Try out the new features and let us know if you have any feedback or concerns. Happy testing!