Create a Recording

A scenario defines the set of steps that will be executed on each iteration of a load test. See the Concepts page for more details.

The easiest way to define a scenario is to create a recording. Make sure you first login and Create a Test Case. See the Create Scenario page for other options.

Click on the test case name on the left and a 'Scenarios' tab will appear in the main content area. Click on it. Any existing scenarios will appear. Feel free to rename, stop, or delete them from here.

New Scenario

To create a new recording simply press the New Scenario button, select the Recording option, give it a name, and press enter.

New Scenario

At this point you will be taken to the recording page where you can see any recorded traffic appear in realtime as traffic is sent via the gateway. If you are pointed at an HTTP service you can simply click on the gateway URL to generate traffic to record. Otherwise for streaming services use your favorite client to interact with the gateway.

Recording Page

How Do I Stop a Recording?

Before you can use the recording to run a test you must stop the recording by clicking the Stop action in the upper right dropdown menu.

What Does the Limit Breached Status Mean?

Your account has limits on number of steps and size of the recording. If these are exceeded your recording will be automatically stopped and the status will be Limit Breached.

To see your current limits, go to Settings -> Limits.