Testable Update: AWS spot instances and better dashboards

June 16, 2016

This month we introduce the ability to generate load using AWS spot instances and improved dashboard sharing that enables you to customize and share different views for different audiences.

AWS Spot Instances

Last month we introduced AWS On Demand test runners. This month we are adding support for AWS spot instances saving you money on non-critical test workloads. Simply check the checkbox and specify your desired maximum bid price. The max bid defaults to the on demand price for the chosen instance type and region.

Look out for more test runners in the near future to support on demand instances on other platforms like the Microsoft Cloud. Click here for more detailed documentation on our full set of test runner options.

Better Dashboards

Dashboards are now shareable across all test cases in your account. Previously each test case had it’s own set of dashboards.

When sharing results publicly, the selected dashboard is associated with the share url now. This allows you to share the same results using several dashboards with a unique URL for each. For example, you might want to share one high level view with company executives and a different detailed view with your QA team.

Please check out all the new features and let us know if you have any thoughts or concerns. Happy testing!