Testable Update: API launch, result tracing, and more

March 23, 2016

Plenty of new features, fixes, and enhancements this month including the launch of our API, result tracing, and more.

API access

Access all the great functionality you find on our website via our API. We use the same API to build our website. Read our documentation for more details and be sure to take a look at one of our bash examples to help get you started.

Result tracing

When something goes wrong during your load test, we now show you sample traces of exactly what happened. This includes latencies, metrics, response status, data sent, and data received. Read our documentation for more details.

Medians are better than means

Anywhere we calculate the mean (e.g. latency) we now also calculate the median. And by default we display the median not the mean. Look out for a blog post soon on why the median is so much more useful when load testing than the mean. Of course we still calculate other percentiles like 95 and 99 or any custom percentile you want.

Cleaner, simpler home page

The home page has been updated to improve the content and make it clearer. We want visitors to quickly understand what differentiates Testable and will continue to make improvements in that direction. Feedback is always welcome!

Improve and simplify the default results dashboard

You can always customize the test results dashboard however you see fit, but based on feedback we have also improved the default dashboard.

  1. Overview chart combines concurrent client, latency, and success lines into one chart to make it easier to correlate them.
  2. Simplify the overview at the top to make it easier to understand and read

More documentation

We continue to improve and add documentation each release cycle for existing features. Please continue to provide your feedback on where more details could be added. Look for search in our next release in April.

Fixes, performance improvements, and minor changes

As usual plenty of smaller improvements, fixes, and optimizations were made during this release that will help continue to improve the Testable experience.

Please check out all the new features and let us know if you have any thoughts or concerns. Happy testing!